Margin Trading

I can seize investment opportunities, as they arise
More leverage with margin loans
From 1.99%

variable rate

At Internaxx, we do all we can to help our clients prosper. That means giving you the control to pursue your financial goals. Even when you don’t have the cash available to make the investments you want.

Are you looking for additional flexibility for your trading or investment strategy? Using your securities as collateral, you can borrow against the value of your holdings at competitive market rates. So you can act on opportunities at a moment’s notice – and only pay interest on what you use.

Borrowing against your investments involves a higher degree of risk to your capital and is not suitable for all investors. If you are unsure about the risks and features of this service, we recommend you seek professional advice.


Borrow up to 70% of your eligible equity

  • Invest more in stocks, ETFs and funds, without selling current investments
  • Borrow at a competitive variable interest rate set at base rate +1.99 to 4.99%
  • Potentially enhance your performance by leveraging your portfolio
  • Act on short-term investment opportunities
  • Make as many or as few repayments as you wish, with full flexibility
  • View your available Margin easily online


See how much you could borrow

Your available margin is calculated using your portfolio securities, margin rate and cash balance. For example:

  • Margin Loan (using cash) If you hold $10,000 cash and want to buy securities with a Margin rate of 30%, you can invest up to a total of $33,333 by borrowing $23,333

  • Margin Loan (using securities) If you hold £10,000 of securities with a Margin rate of 30%, and wish to invest in securities which also has a margin rate of 30%, you can borrow £23,333 so your total portfolio investments will be worth £33,333

Remember to maintain a buffer, rather than spend your full Available Margin. In the event of a Margin call, you would have to sell securities, fund your account, or pay back part of the loan, to cover the Margin call, potentially at short notice. Please refer to Credit Lombard terms and conditions for full details.


Currency Base rate
as at 31 Oct.
Loans <50,000
(Base Rate
Loans >50,000
(Base Rate
Loans >250,000
(Base Rate
Loans >1,000,000
(Base Rate
EUR 0.00% 4.99% 2.99% 2.49% 1.99%
USD 1.75% 6.74% 4.74% 4.24% 3.74%
GBP 0.75% 5.74% 3.74% 3.24% 2.74%
CAD 1.75% 6.74% 4.74% 4.24% 3.74%
CHF 0.00% 4.99% Contact us
SEK 0.00% 4.99%
SGD 2.17% 7.16%
HKD 2.00% 6.99%
AUD 0.75% 5.74%


Base rates are set weekly and in line (minimum 0.00%) with reference to commercially recognized interest rates, such as the ECB Main Refinancing Rate (EUR), Fed Funds Rate (USD), BoE Base Rate (GBP), BOC Policy Interest Rate (CAD), SNB SARON rate (CHF), Sveriges Riksbank Repo Rate (SEK), MAS Standing Facility Borrowing Rate (SGD), HKMA Base Rate (HKD), RBA Cash Rate (AUD). Debit interest will be charged quarterly in arrears.


The Internaxx difference

Enjoy full transparency with no set up costs and penalties

Keep your existing portfolio and continue to benefit from its performance

Make use of a cost-efficient and flexible source of liquidity

Enjoy competitive interest rates, and pay only for what you borrow

Set up your loan quickly and easily, in the currencies of your choice

Discuss how much you can borrow with our helpful Client Services team

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