Smart Portfolio Fees

Lower fees help me build my wealth faster
The low cost way to get your investments on track

No setup fees

Get started with only 5,000 EUR/USD/GBP


No rebalancing fees

Additional funds are invested at no charge


No exit fees

Withdraw funds at your convenience

Low All-Inclusive Annual Costs

Total value of your Smart Portfolio On the first

On the next


Internaxx administration fee 0.90% 0.60% 0.40%
Portfolio management charges* 0.50% (0.97%) 0.50% (0.97%) 0.50% (0.97%)
Total costs 1.40% (1.87%) 1.10% (1.57%) 0.90% (1.37%)

 * BlackRock ongoing charges figure is based on expenses for the twelve month period ending 31 December 2018

  Sustainable Multi-Asset fund




The Internaxx Administration Fee covers all transaction costs associated with the automated investments in your chosen portfolio. This includes costs for redemptions or switches.

The Internaxx administration fee is based on the value of your portfolio. It is calculated monthly and charged once per year. The fee is automatically collected from the cash held on your account.

If there is no cash on your account, the fee will result in your cash balance dropping below zero. No interest will be charged on negative balances resulting from fees.

Outstanding administration fees will automatically be deducted from additional funds transferred on to the account before being invested.

Charges will be collected in the same currency as your chosen portfolio.

The ongoing charges for managing the portfolio are automatically deducted by BlackRock from the fund performance, and thus not invoiced to your account.

Minimum investment amount Minimum top-up amount
Entry fee Free
Partial redemptions
Your order will be booked on the next Trade date.
Rebalancing fee Free
Your order will be booked on the next Trade date.
Exit fee
Please note that a pro-rated Internaxx annual administration fee will be applied prior to final transfer.
Account opening fee Free
Incoming transfers and payments Free
Cash withdrawals

Please refer to Transfers in the Account Fees section for more details

Up to EUR 10
Account closure fee Free
Urgent redemption
Next day execution of order if requested before cut-off time
1% of redeemed amount,
min. EUR 24.95

The following spreads apply to currency exchange:

Incoming cash transfer Spread
<15,000 GBP 1.00%
15,000 - 50,000 GBP 0.50%
50,000 - 250,000 GBP 0.40%
>250,000 GBP 0.20%


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