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on US, Canadian and UK markets

Reach your full investing potential, when you open an account with Internaxx. Access the markets, tools, independent research and resources you need through powerful platforms.

Feel confident about your investment decisions with support from a North American specialist. Build your own personal strategy for success with the backing of a global leader.

Choose Internaxx for a better way to invest

  • Trade on 18 Stock Exchanges across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific  

  • Access powerful platforms, tools, exclusive free research and real-time quotes

  • Settle in euros, dollars, British pounds or relevant local currency

  • Place market orders, limit orders, stop loss orders at no extra cost

  • Save with clear and transparent pricing and real-time currency exchange

  • Increase your stock investment potential with margin trading


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Buy or sell in 9 different currencies

  • US Dollars (NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex)

  • Canadian Dollars (Toronto)

  • British Pounds (London)

  • Euros (Dublin, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan)

  • Swedish Krona (Stockholm)

  • Swiss Francs (Zurich)

  • Australian Dollars (Sydney)

  • Hong Kong Dollars (Hong Kong)

  • Singapore Dollars (Singapore)


An innovative package, absolutely free

  • Access free real-time quotes on 18 exchanges from your desktop, tablet or smartphone

  • Find your next investing opportunity faster with our easy-to-use Stock Selector

  • Keep on top of the markets with free, independant Equity Research from Morningstar

  • Identify investment potential with Analyst Reports and notes on over 1500 stocks

  • Stay informed with in-depth market and industry coverage

  • View your holdings in a glance and spot strengths and weaknesses with Portfolio X-Ray

  • Get real-time trading ideas and second opinions with Trading Central’s Technical Analysis


Stock Research

The Internaxx difference

Control your investments through one convenient account

Get real-time quotes on all tradable markets

Pay no extra to hold different currency in 9 sub accounts

Save on forex charges by settling in the local currency

Benefit from our expatriate and North American expertise

Access an exclusive suite of free tools and research unique to Internaxx

Independent Research


  • Analyst notes and reports for
    stocks and
  • Quickly find stocks that meet your criteria with
    the Stock
  • Premium equity research, a $199 value, free for Internaxx
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