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If you’re looking to invest in one of the world’s largest and most liquid economies, with a stable political and legal structure, then the US offers a wealth of diversification opportunities - from emerging technologies to healthcare and energy. With a GDP of over $15 trillion and a consumer market of more than 310 million people*, the US is home to the world’s most successful brands, including Apple, Google and Facebook. To help you maximise your US investing, here’s a few things to consider.

Choose an established company with a solid background in US equities – one that offers competitive trading rates, comprehensive coverage and fast order execution. Look for the highest standards of service, value and research.

Internaxx has a pioneering spirit, which we combine with world-class security thanks to our membership of the Luxembourg Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGDL), guaranteeing deposits up to €100,000. In addition to this, Internaxx is a subsidiary of Swissquote, the Swiss leader in online banking with CHF 23.8 billion of client assets (as of 31/12/2018).

Internaxx enable customers to access advanced routing technology, leading to significant savings through price improvement. Reliable and agile trading systems enable you to react instantly to market movements and benefit from fast, high-quality order execution – the perfect solution for self-directed investors interested in US markets.

If you’re in search of a central hub for all your international investments, you’ll benefit from a single account that’s convenient to access and easy to manage. Compare levels of service, terms and fees and don’t be caught out by hidden charges.

The Internaxx multi-currency investment account allows you to transfer in and hold up to nine currencies in different sub-accounts at no extra cost. You can reduce foreign exchange costs by settling trades in local money and change cash from one currency to another at competitive rates from just 0.2% with zero commission. Just think how much you could save by not having to convert currencies each time you place a US trade or receive a US dividend.

Pick an account that offers all you need to invest cost-effectively – including the tools, research and analysis to help you find specific investments and evaluate their potential. Savings from competitive commission fees can assist your portfolio’s net performance.

With an Internaxx multi-currency account, you can trade stocks and ETFs on US markets from €14.95. Pay no initial charges or commissions on our broad universe of US funds.

Our exclusive free suite of innovative tools and the industry’s most sought-after research make it easy for you to invest with confidence. Exclusive Morningstar equity research and ideas worth €199 per year are offered free to help you identify new opportunities and you can keep track of the strengths and weaknesses of your holdings with our Portfolio X-Ray tool.

It’s worth doing the upfront research to ensure that the account you choose will offer the support you need to meet your US investment goals. For a cost-efficient way to invest in the US, manage multiple currencies and gain online access from anywhere around the globe, it makes sense to open an account with Internaxx. Luxembourg is also an ‘AAA’ rated financial centre, renowned for its stable economy and investor protection. Apply online or call us on +352 2603 2626 from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Friday.


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